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Panthyon is an art toy/altarpiece company that aims to excite the collective consciousness through accessible archetypes.

All pieces designed and originally modeled by Michael Mobias.











Editions are kept small; all are hand carved/cast with love*******
I hope they bring as much joy to you as they did to us during creation-
We welcome any feedback, questions, etc!

"These pieces designed and sculpted for the Panthyon series were inspired by various myths and traditions around the globe, all of which illumine a particular part of our collective psyche. Hopefully, they speak to you, and stimulate an awakening deep within. A remembrance, a spark, of something magical which resides in us all."



About the Artist:

Michael Moksha Mobias, born in St. Louis, MO in 1976, is an American painter and sculptor.Working under several identities, Michael has held a varied artistic career that has included portrait artist, muralist, graphic designer, and most recently, Creative Director & founder of Panthyon. His thirst for revelation has had him traveling internationally for the last 20 years, steeping himself in cultural traditions and symbolism. Currently residing in the foothills of Northern California, he continues to pursue the visual revelations of modern allegory. Believing that “life is a cundundrum of esoterica”, Michael brings paradox and metaphor to life through his drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

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