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Ark of the Covenant

Brass with Gold plating, Leather interior  ::  4" tall  ::  $650

The Ark of the Covenant stands as one of the most fascinating and potent mysteries in recent history.  The Ark was revered far and wide for its inherent power and glory, and was essentially the God of the early Old Testament.  The specific dimensions laid out match exactly the “tomb” in the Great Pyramid.  As we delve into the story of the Ark, we reveal more questions than answers.
What were the origins of this mystery?  What were the secrets of its power?  What did it contain?  Was it an enormous capacitor, capable of receiving a minute static charge and transforming it into a great electrical power?  Was it something even more odd and esoteric?  Why was it so important it be made of acacia and plated in gold?  Why were strange events recorded wherever the Ark traveled?

Here is a mini version, using the proportions outlined in Genesis.

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