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DAGON w/ Crystal Base

Brass   ::   5.5" tall  ::  $160

Dagon, the fish-god of fertility and crops, is an ancient deity. Dagon is mentioned in many texts dating back to 2500 BC and no doubt reigned before recorded history. To this day, his disguised influence is reflected in modern tales and religions, such as in the mitre worn by Catholic bishops, which appears to be a near-exact replica of the headdress worn by Dagon priests.
Dagon is known under many names, amongst them:
Protector of People,
God of Rain and Grain,
Judge of the Dead,
Warden of the Underworld,
Father of the Gods,
and Lord of the land.

Dagon stands 4" tall.
5.5” tall on base. Base & staff included.
Dagon cast in brass.

Base cast in clear resin.

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