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QuetzalMini Gold

Brass with Gold Plating  ::  2.5" tall  ::  $108 

This item is an empowerment charm, to be worn around the neck, hung from a rearview mirror, as a keychain, or any other apparent option.
It is a reminder of our innate godliness, of our resilience, and our power to create our own reality. It signifies what the viewer sees in it, and reflects that back to the seer tenfold.
Behold your own inner beauty, and steep yourself in the power of this charm's radiance.
The imagery of the QuetzalMini is rooted in the various forms of the Garuda, the interdimensional guardian of Hindu tradition; of Quetzalcoatl/Amaru, the feathered serpent of Aztec fame, totem of fertility & renewal; of the Christ, and of other important totemic imagery.

Here is Mini Quetzal,

plated in gold

2 1/2 " tall.
Cast in brass.

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